Slowly distilled with an ancient copper still in a bain-marie, to preserve intact the flavors we use to convey emotions and tell our story.

Gin J7

We dedicated our first Gin to Majella, our mother mountain; we captured the most characteristic essences, creating a balanced and unmistakable premium distillate.

Gin J7 Costa dei Trabocchi

We have distilled the essence of our coast to be able to enjoy the sensation of sipping a Gin-tonic by the sea at all times.

Distillato di Genziana

A full- bodied, soft, fragrant and enveloping distillate, the most sublime expression of a strongand gentle root. .

Grappe Spray Quintessenze

Our new line of spray for food use has an alcohol concentration of 70 degrees and is made using herbal infusions and distillates that we have been working for over 130 years.

Grappa Riserva – 18 mesi

This precious distillate is aged in oak barrels for at least 18 months

Grappa Monovitigno Chardonnay

Our grappa is obtained by the discontinuous system traditional distillation of selected Chardonnay grapes.

Grappa Riserva Chardonnay in Barrique

Grappa from selected fresh pomace of only Chardonnay grapes aged in oak barriques for at least 18 months.