The distillery

Tradition and innovation

Since 2010, the distillery has been located in the modern facility in Lanciano, amidst the generous hills of Abruzzo.

The distillery, covering an area of approximately 2000 square meters, is powered by a photovoltaic system and has a production capacity of over one million bottles per year.

Its strategic location, just a few kilometers from the sea and the mountains, in a sparsely populated area, brings great advantages such as the supply of mountain water from the renowned springs of Verde, excellent air quality, and the possibility of receiving and processing herbs and fruits from the nearby Trabocchi coast within a few hours.

The customs warehouse is equipped with the necessary authorizations for the circulation of alcoholic beverages in national and international territories and for the cold and hot processing of raw materials.

The craftsmen working in the distillery have decades of experience and great passion for their craft. Modern machinery supports production where necessary, always maintaining a balance between respecting tradition and seeking innovation.

The distillery

An international reality

Today, the distillery’s products are appreciated by a well-established customer base, including prestigious companies both nationally and internationally, with active export channels to 16 countries. The main market consists of the Ho.Re.Ca sector, wine shops, and delicatessens. The distillery also produces private label products for important brands both nationally and internationally.

Every year, significant investments are planned to increase production efficiency and workplace safety, always with the goal of offering superior quality products with an excellent value for money, while paying attention to respect for both people and the environment.