Genziana d'Abruzzo

Specialists in the Gentian roots processing for over a century. First choice mountain roots, traditional production methods and in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of this plant allow us to offer unique products, from the traditional Gentian liqueur to the unique Gentian Distillate made in Abruzzo. Always in pursuit of excellence.


It is a liqueur made using the gentian root infusion.


Pecorino Wine from Abruzzo: an infusion of the Genziana Lutea root, alchool and sugar are the ingredients that guarantee a very high quality product.

Genthiana Riserva

The version refined on American oak woods of our Genthiana. Full-bodied and round liqueur on the palate, with hints of leather and carob and an intense bitter finish. Aged al least 12 months.

Distillato di Genziana

A full- bodied, soft, fragrant and enveloping distillate, the most sublime expression of a strong and gentle root.